About Us

Hello and welcome to Leinster Log Cabins. Designed in Ireland, Made in Ireland for you and the Irish Climate

The reason we extended our building business into Log Cabins is because we had more and more people calling us to go and rectify Log Cabins that were produced overseas and not very well put together where from day one there were issues. Ireland needed a company that would provide a solid product for the Irish Market and that’s what we are doing here at Leinster Log Cabins

We decided that we wanted to produce and deliver a solid Log Cabin without all the after issues you read and hear about

We aim to give people exactly what they are looking for, not just for the short term but for many years to come.

What We Offer

A custom Irish Product, made in Ireland for the Irish Climate and living routines

Installed in the time frame we tell you

A fully completed turn key costed service if required

Many people do not want the stress and headaches of trying to organise and vet ground workers, plumbers, electricians, painters, gardeners etc

At Leinster Log Cabins we will tailor your Log Cabin to cover everything you need so you can just move in with the comfort that you will only need one point of contact for your whole project if that’s what you would prefer

Pleases go through our Gallery and see if there is a type you like, then send us an email or call and we will start the process to making it yours!

We operate throughout Ireland and want this Quality, fully Irish product, available to all in Ireland

We also have show Log Cabins for you to come and explore and sit around in and see what it feels like - here you can add/take away many options - we want this to be as flexible as possible for you!

Once you have chosen your options there are other bits and bobs you may also like to personalise your Log Cabin with from garden flower arrangements, fences, paint colours etc

Our log cabins are built from the finest quality Fully Treated and Certified Timber (this is huge when looking at log cabins in Ireland as most do not offer this certification)

Also, you don’t have to rush of and paint your Log Cabin immediately as with Leinster Log Cabins they come fully sealed and treated so you can paint at your ease if preferred

We offer all the standards of floor, roof and wall insulation.

Optional items to look further into which we will help you with include other roof insulation, wall insulation or roof style finishes.

So whatever your needs in a Log Cabin are be it Residential, Garden, Office, Mobile, Sports facility or various home working uses we will deliver high standards, cost effective and a customised Log Cabin for you that caters for your individual needs.

You are in safe hands with Leinster Log Cabins

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